In La Pradera we dreamt about producing the best sustainable Angus meat in Uruguay. That’s why we decided to plant our seed and settle down in this small country which, given its characteristics and nature, is one of the few in the world that allows us both, to revalue the natural cycle of production, and enhance the valuable resources offered with professional honesty, technical responsibility and innovative technological vision.

Growing with strength and solidity is not an easy task and requires a lot of preparation. But above all, it requires deepening roots, not only in terms of tradition, but also in terms of identity. Our identity. 

Therefore, from the word go, we are defined by respect for nature and animal welfare and we work so that our roots could go to depth: food. We planted a natural prairie and generated a drinking system fed by pure water extracted with solar energy which guarantees its freshness and was specially designed to be environmentally friendly and contribute to a healthier world.

We added investigation to maximize our possibilities and human and professional capacity, to provide efficiency through a highly qualified team; social responsibility focused on soil conservation and improvement of its fertility as a legacy for future generations. Last but not least, security, oriented towards the traceability of animal production under strict international certifications. 

Consequently, since birth, our Angus cattle are fed freely in the open air, complying with the highest quality standards and through an environmentally friendly system which contributes to reduce carbon emissions. 

We are convinced that a seed is the origin. Knowing about it, is also knowing which would be the quality of its fruit. Our meat is noble, honest and reflects in its delicious taste and unique tenderness, the quality of the soil and grasslands as well as the nature with which it was bread. 

That’s why when choosing an Angus La Pradera cut not only are you choosing a meat cut, but you’re choosing the roots that made it the best product of our land.

La Pradera.

Our model of production is the seed that gave birth to everything. 

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