Our model of sustainable production is


When choosing an Angus La Pradera cut not only are you choosing a meat cut, but you’re choosing the roots that made it the best product to be served at the heart of your table.

In Uruguay, this small South American country, we decided to plant our seed and settle down.

Estancia Gaucho originated in a place in which, due to its characteristics and nature, we are able to revalue the natural production cycle, as well as being able to enhance the valuable natural resources offered in a professional and responsible way, together with an innovative technical vision.



Being respect for nature and animal welfare our main policies, we work deep into our roots for our main objective: a sustainable and role model production system.


Our cattle herd is fed freely in open air, natural and improved pastures which are specially designed for rotational grazing systems. In this way, we ensure the propper conservation of the paddocks and soil making it more fertile which is our legacy for future generations.


Our cattle are bread at full-cycle extensive ranching and therefore we are able to ensure the homogeneity of our product as well.


Specially designed to be environmentally friendly, we generated a drinking system fed by pure water from dams which is pumped by solar energy and we are therefore able to guarantee permanent access to fresh and natural water.


We believe animal welfare is key point and therefore our cattle herd is under strict standards of care, constantly improving the techniques used, so as to respect not only cattle, but also the fauna that inhabits our ranch and its surroundings.


We combine research, technology, human and professional capability, through a highly qualified team, and security, oriented towards the traceability of animal production under strict international certifications.


In La Pradera we once dreamt of producing the best sustainable Angus meat in Uruguay.

Our meat is noble, honest and reflects in its delicious flavor and unique tenderness, the quality of the land, its graze and the sheer nature with which it was bred.

Thus, when choosing a La Pradera meat cut and serving it at the heart of your table, you are also choosing the roots that made it our land’s best offspring.

Certified ANGUS La Pradera meat provides succulent, perfectly marbled cuts, making them both healthier and tastier.

Fed from a natural open-air meadow, La Pradera’s cattle produces the most natural and fat free meat. It is a good source of vitamins and mineral, as well as rich in OMEGA 3 and antioxidants. Due to its condition of free cattle in pastures they experiment less stressful situations and therefore produce healthier meat products.

Produced by La Pradera, (USDA EU) certified organic meat is a guarantee of honesty and nobility. La Pradera produces authentic organic meat; healthier, antibiotics and hormones free, with a higher content of nutrients, always protecting the environment.

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Other Products

La PRADERA produces in Lascano, Uruguay, the cereal which is considered most important for human consumption: RICE.

In its Mill, which is the most modern and efficient in Uruguay, there are three officials working, in addition to management, administrative and maintenance support services.

Prior color classification, white rice, suitable for human consumption, is extracted from its fruits, both in the final product and in broken grains.

The quality control of the processes is carried out by laboratory personnel, who have the ultimate equipment to carry out the task correctly. This implies keeping under control the parameters set for the most demanding consumers.

PRESENTATIONS: 1000 kgs, 50 kgs, 25 kgs, 5 kgs, 2 kgs o 1 kg.
SUB – PRODUCTS: Rice flour, rice bran, rice husk, processing discards.

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